Metro PD: Close to You


Company: Voltage (2014)

Cost: Paid

Updates: Yes

Synopsis: The MC is a neighborhood police officer whom the local people rely on for small tasks. One day a strange man and informs you that you will be transferring to the infamous 2nd Unit of the Metropolitan Police Department. This department has a reputation of being full of misfits. There the MC finds five attractive and capable detectives. Shortly afterwards the unit is called out to some warehouses where the MC is catches sight of the perpetrator and gets caught in an explosion. When she returns to the department she finds out that one of the guys is going to be her partner.

MC: The MC has a strong sense of justice and wants to see it achieved even though that is not always good for her in a political sense. She an idealist in some ways but also very grounded. She maybe not know what she is doing in the beginning but this MC get her act together fast and quickly becomes capable, and she boy does kick ass. She is frequently teased as being one of the guys and for her big appetite. But she jokes right back at them and owns her appetite, claiming that she needs to eat to preform at work.


  • Eiki Yachigusa: The younger guy who has actually been sent over from the NYPD for training. He has genius level deduction skills and has solved many impossible cases, but he doesn’t mind if his reputation takes a hit if he can see what he views as right done. He likes to joke and tease. He acts as the younger brother of the group but that is not all there is to him.
  • Hiroshi Kirisawa: The boss of the the 2nd Unit. He is calm, kind, and an charismatic leader. He is very responsible and dedicated, frequently working long after sending the others home. He prioritizes results over following procedure. He is really (and adorably) clueless when it comes to women and love. He likes to take care of people and used to be the (legendary) leader of a motorcycle gang.
  • Katsuyuki Kyobashi: A player who has a girlfriend for each day of the week. He is a hacker and a computer whiz. He is estranged from his father who is a person of authority in the Metro PD. He hits on the MC frequently but doesn’t take her rejection hard.
  • Kazusa Hanai: An intelligent officer who excels at profiling. He is arrogant and bossy. His methods.viewpoints usually clash with Tennoji’s.
  • Masashi Himuro: The Metro PD’s cold medical examiner. He doesn’t trust anyone but especially hates women and Nomura. He’s very blunt about his opinions.
  • Ryohei Kimura: A crime scene detective. He is quiet, kind, and very dedicated to his job. He tries to keep his distance but is not unfriendly. He he has large, thick glasses which obscures his facial features.
  • Shusuke Asano: A quiet sniper. He frequently spaces out and is frequently sleepy. He adores children and has a talent for magic tricks. He is bad with water.
  • Tadanobu Nomura: The Deputy Chief of the Metro PD and founder of the 2nd Unit. He’s very laid-back and a bit of a flirt but always takes responsibility for all of the 2nd Unit’s shenanigans. His hobby are teasing Kirisawa and Masashi and flirting with the MC.
  • Yutaka Tennoji: The man who (almost) always closes the case. He’s brash, straightforward, and mouthy. He believes in walking the streets and talking to the people rather than staring at data on a screen in the office. He’s a baseball fanatic.

Impressions: I really do love this game. The MC is a great strong and motivated character who can seriously hold her own. The guys are great on their own and are are great fun when they are together (especially when they are with the MC). There do seem to be some consistency problems. Some routes are definitely better than others, and some of the CG are heads and tails above the others. The story proceeds fairly quickly with a proposal at the end of the first season, making me curious to see how things will proceed.

Like the other great games, this one will run your emotions through the wringer, and it is totally worth paying for.

Favorite Guy: Hiroshi Kirisawa

Favorite Route: Hiroshi Kirisawa

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