Love! Sushi Rangers


Company: Koyonplete (2014)

Cost: Free

Updates: Sadly it doesn’t look like Ebi and Avacodo will be made available.

Synopsis: One day the MC’s irresponible father, a sushi chef, announces that he is leaving on a cruise. This leaves the MC in a bind, what should she do with the restaurant when there is no chef to prepare the food? It is at that moment that some sushi in her fridge assumes ikemen form and offer to assist in helping keep restaurant running in her father’s absence.

MC: Having such a flighty father did wonders for this MC. She is practical and very capable of getting things done herself. She accepts the crazy situation she finds herself in but also acknowledges how weird it is. She can be a little oblivious but I think that she is an attractive if not very deep heroine.


  • Iku Sukegawa: Samon roll sushi. The dutiful and hardworking younger guy. He is feels really collective and it doesn’t seem possible that the restaurant would run without him. He has a complex about his talented older brother, Kei.
  • Kei Sukegawa: Samon sushi. The carefree, ever-roaming older guy. He is always wandering around the town and bringing crowds of girls back to the restaurant. He is probably the most talented chef out of the sushi boys, but he rarely applies his skills. Older brother of Iku.
  • Tamaki Marui: Egg sushi. The cheerful, cute younger guy. He is sweet and clings to the MC. He is great at hiding his other emotions beneath a happy face.
  • Yu Maguro: Tuna sushi. The responsible and strict older guy. He takes over the chef position for the MC’s father. He’s hardworking, always practicing after hours, and is super critical of his skill.

Impressions: There is one major question this game left me with: when were the sushi made? The boys hint that they’ve been watching the MC for a while but sushi isn’t something that really keeps.

I picked up this game because the premise was so ridiculous and I don’t regret it at all. Love! Sushi Rangers is a cute game, the MC is good and the boys are cute, pretty and interesting (although I wish Ebi and Avacado had routes). It is fairly short, which is nice since it is a free game. I recommended it if you’d like a more light and fun otoge.

Favorite Guy: (Ebi) Yu Maguro

Favorite Route: Yu Maguro

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