Love Letter from Thief X


Company: Voltage (2012)

Cost: Paid

Updates: After a hiatus, yes!

Synopsis: The MC is a curator at a museum. One she witnesses the infamous Black Foxes, a group of thieves that steal items and return them to their rightful owners, break into the museum she works at. They notice the ring you have inherited from your deceased great grandfather. Shortly afterwards you receive a note from the Black Foxes informing you that they are coming for you next.

MC: The MC is very passionate about history and art which allows her to come around to the Black Foxes’s point-of-view regarding their thievery after some initial qualms. It is really great that after some initial trials, she really becomes a part of their group, eventually being proud to declare that she too is a Black Fox.


  • Atsumu Kashiwabara: The boss of the Black Foxes and owner of the bar Le Renard Noir. He seems flighty but is dependable when it counts. His hobby is fortune telling and he have many powerful contacts. He rarely goes on missions and is frequently picked on my the other members of the Black Foxes.
  • Hiro Sarashina: The youngest of the Black Foxes who is a master of disguise and an art student. He is highly intelligent but plays it down. He frequently uses outdated slang. He’s friendly and cheerful. He’s a flirt and a tease and uses women to get info.
  • Hyosuke Kujo: A rival thief and a security expert. He seems pleasant but there is obviously something more to him. He dislikes being alone and love his elder brother, Taiga. Hyosuke is available starting the second season.
  • Kenshi Inagaki: A sniper whose day job is firefighting. He is super athletic and is always smiling and having fun.He is super kind and sweet and adores his mother.
  • Riki Yanase: The arrogant leader who is also a government official. Riki is an arrogant alpha male who is good at pretty much everything except holding his alcohol.
  • Taiga Kujo: An underworld doctor who charges outrageous fees. He chose to save his brother over a child patient and lost his doctor’s license. He still feels immense guilt over the event. He cherishes life and can be a little bit of an airhead at times. He loves and cherishes his brother, Hyosuke. Taiga is available starting the second season.
  • Takuto Hirukawa: A super tsundere and genius hacker. His day job is at a prestigious IT firm. He will always deny his nicer feelings in favor of (supremely amusing) insults. He is a huge fan of the character Shiffey and has the same tastes in food as the MC. He cannot be involved in conversation and eat at the same time or he will choke.
  • Tatsuro Togoshi: The MC’s childhood friend who is also a detective determined to catch the Black Foxes. He is a kind person with a protective personality and a strong sense of right and wrong. While he is intelligent he is also clumsy and sometimes oblivious. He has always been in love with the MC.
  • Yuki Arisugawa: The detached FBI agent. He tends to take things literally and seems unemotional, but he is also kind and gentle. He loves dishes with noodles in them. Yuki is available starting in the second season.

Impressions: Love Letter from Thief X is one of Voltage’s iconic games and for good reason. Even though it is an early game it combines several of the things that Voltage does so well. There is a dynamic cast of characters including a wide range of guys and a likable MC. The interactions of the main cast is excellent and frequently hilarious. It is amazing the extent to which the MC fits in with the Black Foxes. Additionally the scenarios are great fun ranging from heart-pounding to tearful. This game isn’t in my top five (although Taiga is one of my favorite guys) but I do like it and think it is worth a play.

Favorite Guy: Yuki Arisugawa and Taiga Kujo

Favorite Route: Kenshi, Taiga, and Tatsuro

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