Love Academy

love academy

Game is no longer available

Company: Koyonplete (2012)

Cost: Free

Updates: No

Synopsis: Moulin Academy High School is attended by outstanding and talented students from around the world. So what is an ordinary girl like the MC doing there? A sweet and “dangerous” high school romance is about to unfold.

MC: The MC is an “ordinary” girl who has somehow managed to get accepted to the prestigious Moulin Academy High School. She actually is a talented singer though. This MC is cute (and actually has a face) but she is also a little bland and a bit of a pushover.


  • Haku Shirato: He is a flirtatious cat. Due to a rocky situation with his family, he lives on his own and pays his way with a part time modeling gig and also by charming girls to give up their food. But he doesn’t commit to anyone and comes and goes as he pleases. He wants to be a singer.
  • Takumi Jyogasaki: The MC’s childhood friend. He’s a guy who is cheerful and kind. He loves animals and takes care of everyone. He has always loved the MC. He wants to be a doctor.
  • Togo Gen: A grumpy, cold genius. The scion of a rich family, he is always flying some place or another. His only friend is Yota. He wants to be a composer.
  • Yota Ameda: The ore-sama student council dictator. He is bossy, sadist, and does whatever he wants (which he sees as his right). He is athletic but loves the arts. His goal is to be the swimming ace.

Impressions: This game is pretty 🙂 It feels a little generic in many ways, but it’s nice to play since it is free (just save up a bunch of koyon before starting). I think the characters are interesting enough and I do love the CG. Koyonplete throws in a shounen-ai-ish CG into all the routes which is fun and there is a spin off which is a yaoi game. If you’re used to Voltage games, this one will feel a bit melodramatic and the true endings are more graphic. This feels more like a non-mobile otoge with the sexy true ending and the crushing normal ending.

Favorite Guy: Haku

Favorite Route: Haku

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