Kissed by the Baddest Bidder


Company: Voltage (2014)

Cost: Paid

Updates: Yes

Synopsis: The MC is a maid at Tres Spades hotel and casino, a place frequently inhabited by the elite. One day the MC accidentally breaks a vase and finds herself up for auction in the black market auction beneath the casino. She is purchased for an exorbitant amount by the group of men who inhabit the top suites of the hotel, and who also run the black market auction. They take the MC up to the penthouse and tell her that she has to choose which one of them she will belong to.

MC: This MC is very responsible and has a keen sense of morality which is constantly put under pressure. She is usually the moral high ground of the story. She takes pride in her work and is a capable worker (unlike other MC’s she doesn’t tend to make mistakes). She has the ability to put up with a lot.


  • Eisuke Ichinomiya: The owner of Tres Spades and also the Ichinomiya Group. He is the founder of the black market auctions. He is arrogant, proud, fearless and forceful. He is cool and usually mean, but he is also easy to make jealous. His card is the Ace of Hearts.
  • Luke Foster: A British, black market doctor with a collarbone fetish. He knows Eisuke and Soryu from boarding school. He is cool and mysterious. He is available starting the second season. He is not associated with a playing card does not have a playing card.
  • Mamoru Kishi: A slacker detective. He doesn’t seem to care about anything but he actually cares deeply (about the other guys, about the MC’s situation, and about what brought him into the underground world). For all that it seems he doesn’t do his job, he is considered a good detective. He seems like the oldest of the guys but he isn’t. His card is the Jack of Clubs.
  • Mitsunari Baba: The oldest of the guys. He is an infamous master thief and a master of disguise, and is surprisingly generous. He is a smooth talker which get him a reputation as a womanizer (and he is a flirt) but he is also a gentleman. His card is the Joker.
  • Ota Kisaki: The younger guy. He is a charismatic artist who has been dubbed the “Angelic Artist” by the public. In private he is cunning and sadistic, but also passionate. He helps Baba with disguises and also authenticates art items being sold in the auction. His card is the Queen of Diamonds.
  • Soryu Oh: The second-in-command of a Chinese mafia organization. He is stern, cold, and quick to pull out his gun. He is the one most serious about the auction. He has a surprisingly cute side to him and secretly likes detective novels. His card is the King of Spades.
  • Shuichi Hishikura: He is the Japanese ambassador in Dubai. He is aloof and smart, easily able to preform cunning maneuvers. He is also highhanded and as egotistical as Eisuke. At home he usually wanders around in his underpants. His card is the Ace of Diamonds.

Impressions: This game is another one that can be a tough for some players, since the MC is literally bought by the love interests and is forced to do whatever they want. It really doesn’t get as bad as it could get (because this is a Voltage game and Voltage doesn’t go down paths that are too dark). This game obviously falls on Voltage’s mature side.

Although I didn’t like the way that the MC was overpowered by the guys, I do like this game in a general sense. The art is different from most of the other games and is lovely. The music is some of my favorite background music. The characters aren’t as diverse in a type sense as many of the other game, but they all have distinct personalities. It helps that they are mean to each other about as much as they are mean to the MC. This is a game is one otoge that can really get your blood pumping.

Favorite Guy: Soryu Oh

Favorite Route: Mamoru Kishi

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