In Your Arms Tonight


Company: Voltage (2012)

Cost: Paid

Updates: Some wedding routes were added fairly recently but I’m not sure if they are continuing to update this.

Synopsis: Life is really picking up for the MC. She has recently married the son of her father’s business partner, and she has transferred to her dream department (interior design) at work. Everything should be going well, except she has barely exchanged words with her husband since their wedding. One night the MC discovers why her husband is so distant, when she see him in the arms of another woman. Now she is left with the tough decision of whether to continue trying to make her marriage work or asking for a divorce.

MC: This MC has always dreamed of being an interior designer. Although she is a little out of her depth at first, she is passionate about her work, and through her effort she improves at becomes great at it. As far as her personal life goes, she is deeply troubled by her personal life and tries to figure things out on her own (she deals with things a little differently in all the routes). She is very aware of her husband’s infidelity and/or her status as a divorced woman. I think this MC is the one with the most internal strength in all of Voltage-dom.


  • Genji Higashiyama: Genji is a famous, national level soccer player. He was the MC’s boyfriend back in high school. They broke up after graduation because he was leaving for Italy, before which he asked her to wait for him. He’s arrogant, narcissistic, and a complete alpha male.
  • Ginnosuke Oguri: A suave, mature, famous hotel magnate, who is a client of the MC’s firm. He is very gentlemanly and a bit of a flirt.
  • Kippei Ebihara: The MC’s strict and accomplished boss. He is very self controlled and is a firm believer in separation of private life and work. He is very serious and passionate about his work.
  • Kiyoto Makimura: The aggressive part-time bartender who is also an art college, who is also a bit of a player. He’s loves to tease, taunt, and hit on the MC. He’s also always sticking his nose into her business.
  • Koichi Natsukawa: The MC’s husband who is cheating on her. He has a great job and considers his marriage with the MC as a business move. He’s a proud and ambitious man and he doesn’t believe that love and marriage should have anything to do with each other.
  • Ritsu Moriyama: Koichi’s friend and a high school physics teacher. He is pretty laid back but also has a sharp tongue. Even though he’s Koichi’s friend he knows full well about Koichi’s flaws.
  • Shohei Aiba: The MC’s senpai in the interior design department who started at the same time as her. He is kind, sweet, and a little inept. He has had a crush on the MC for a long time.
  • Soji Higashiyama: Genji’s younger brother who had a crush on you back in high school. He is now a talented ceramicist. Soji is shy and quiet but also blunt. He hasn’t spoken with Genji in a long time.
  • Tsukasa Niregi: A part timer at a restaurant you frequent and an art student. He is friends with Kiyoto, but is friendly and thoughtful.

Impressions: This game is a tough one for some people since the MC is married and being cheated on and in some routes she ends up cheating as well. This is definitely a game Voltage made targeting people out of the teens so if you are a fan of the high school games, this one may not be for you. This game has a lot of great sub stories too, not only is their a His POV of the main route (in which the MC has a sprite), but of the sequel as well which was a rarity until recently. There are also the Another Story sub stories in which the MC chooses to do the opposite of her choice in the main route (for example in Kippei’s main route she doesn’t ask for a divorce in the beginning, while the Another Story starts with her being divorced). This game probably has some of my favorite sub stories of all Voltage-dom.

I really like playing this game when I feel like crying because there are lots of moments that hit me straight in the feels. There are so many guys and they are all so different. The story is well written for most of the routes as well and the CG are great.

Favorite Guy: Kippei Ebihara

Favorite Route: Genji Higashima or Sohei Aiba

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