Shall We Date: Hero in Love


Company: Solmare (2014)

Cost: Paid

Updates: No

Synopsis: The MC is returning home from abroad but her father is no where to be found. An inspector from the Metropolitan Police Department informs you that your father was working on a secret government project and that he has been abducted. Now she must stay with the A Team, whom her father working with, as they try to recover her father. Did they mention that all the members of the unit have supernatural powers?

MC: She has just return home from studying overseas. She is intelligent and can speak multiple languages. She had no idea what her father was up to but adjusts to the reality of supernatural powers fairly quickly. She loves her father very much.


  • Billy: A showy, sexy, “cowboy” from the USA. He is a playboy and very friendly. He likes to walk around in his underpants. He is clairvoyant and never misses a shot with his pistols.
  • Hayate Shiranui: A somewhat tsundere, ninja descendant. A gorgeous, man who alternates between being sweet and being imature to the point you (the gamer) might want to punch him. He likes cats and children. His day job is a detective, and he can teleport.
  • Soh Hanamiya: The cool, straight-laced leader of the A Team. He’s high-strung and at first only deals with the MC only begrudgingly. His day job is as a famous calligrapher, and he is a telepath.

Impressions: This game is hard to take seriously. The situations get ridiculous, the character designs are ridiculous, ridiculousness just abounds. And the fact that this game just goes there and keeps going is one of its charms. Plus it is not as though the quality of the game is bad. Everything looks good and there are some gorgeous CG (no background music but that is typical of earlier Solmare games).

If you want a serious otoge that tugs at your heartstrings, turn away now. If you just want to have fun or would like to try a otoge drinking game, Hero in Love is a good choice. Also, as a warning, this game gets a little explicit with the sexy times, as some of Solmare’s games do

Favorite Guy: Billy

Favorite Route: Billy

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