Her Love in the Force


Company: Voltage (2014)

Cost: Paid

Updates: I’m not sure but I think not?

Synopsis: A police box cop, MC has always dreamed of joining the elite Special Police force. One day she gets her wish and is able to enroll in the police academy where only elites attends, only to find out that she is one of two female students enrolled there. At the police academy all the instructor are strict and many of them are incredibly attractive. Top students are given the chance to become the aide to the instructors, and as the person who had the high enrollment qualifications (somehow), the MC has first pick.

MC: The MC is passionate about justice and is determined to be the best police officer she can be. Unfortunately, she is initially in over her head since she enrolled on fraudulent qualifications. She does her best to catch up and keep up, doing whatever she need to do to stay in the academy and fulfill her dreams. She doesn’t do so well with most of the techniques she’s taught but she does learn quickly and she has high kendo marks.


  • Ayumu Shinonome: The youngest of the instructors and an expert hacker. He has a friendly and personable public face, but he is actually sadistic, bossy, and somewhat of a terror (he wanted to be Godzilla when he was little).
  • Hideki Ishigami: The super strict intellectual. He is one of the Superintendents at the police department and is an expert analyst. He like things by the book but can also be moved when someone put in their utmost effort. He not-so-secretly loves pudding. Many suspect him of being a cyborg.
  • Hyogo Kaga: Arrogant and domineering wild card. The other Superintendent who likes to do things his way. He’s an investigation and interrogation specialist.
  • Seiji Goto: He is polite and quiet. He is capable of being very gentle but is ruthless to criminals. He he is still haunted by a tragedy in his past. He specializes in infiltration and undercover work.
  • Shusuke Soma: Probably the only instructor who is genuinely kind. He is gentlemanly and somewhat mysterious. He has a soft touch with people and is in charge of managing informants. People like and admire him, but he thinks of himself as a terrible person who uses people to get what he wants.

Impressions: In this game Voltage introduced a couple new game mechanics, such as: the love meter, the secret stories, and splitting the first route into two routes. It was a rough transition and I think that’s why this game isn’t as popular as it could be considering it brought back some fan favorites from My Sweet Bodyguard. This was not as fun of a game to play because of the mechanics and I think Voltage did well in getting rid of most of them in the games after this.

It was around this game when I realized how much Voltage focuses on S type characters, nearly all of the ones in this one are or at least come across that way (the only exception being maybe Soma?). That’s not too big of a deal, I’m known for indulging in a good S too, but I do prefer more range.

Overall I like the characters, I like the story, I hate the mechanics of this game so it is a toughie. Give it a try if you want some teacher-on-student-but-they’re-both-cops type of story, like the sort of relationship that takes a little longer, and if you don’t mind playing through a couple of times.

Favorite Guy: Hideki Ishigami

Favorite Route: Hideki Ishigami

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