First Love Diaries – A Kiss on the Beach


Company: Voltage (2014)

Cost:  Paid

Updates: Yes

Synopsis: The MC is a 2nd year at a co-ed high school where the girls and boys are mostly kept separate. One day her love-crazed friend decides to have the MC do a love visualization experiment on each attractive guy they encounter on the way to school. Later that same day, the MC unexpectedly receives her first confession.

MC: This MC is inexperienced with guys and is a little shy. I’m not sure if she is really interested in getting a boyfriend or if she gets dragged into it because one of her friends is so gung-ho about finding a boyfriend. She tends to get pulled along by others. If she has to do something she puts her 100% into it. She cares deeply for her friends and in the past physically defended one from a molester on a train.


  • Mahiro Nanase: A flirty freshman that the MC knew from middle school. Even though his acts carefree his family’s situation weighs heavily on him. He doesn’t always hang out with good people.
  • Mitsuru Sanada: The strict and cold boy at the top of the class. He’s a little bit of a tsundere and very practical (although he can get carried away). He loves animals and wishes he could be a vet.
  • Nao Fujimori: The star of the basketball team. He kind and popular but very shy around the girl he likes. He’s honest and get carried away pretty easily). He interacts with his best friends in much the same way as the the MC does with her’s.
  • Sota Yamamoto: Sota is from another school and looks like a delinquent but is actually very quiet, shy, and sweet. He is into motocross and would like to be a professional.
  • Yuya Abe: The super popular senior. He’s confident and seems experienced, but even he gets butterflies when it comes to the girl he likes. He is a surfer and hopes to go pro.

Impressions: This is the most shoujo of Voltage’s game, down to even the art style. It is a sweet take on a first love. It’s nice that the boys mostly reciprocate on this being their first love. Even so this game is not all unicorns and fluffy clouds, there’s some heavy, high school themed content, which is both appropriate to the age of the characters and also manages to keep the story from being cotton candy.

Unlike Class Trip Crush and Dreamy Days in West Tokyo, this game doesn’t skip years as it moves through seasons. That’s unique and more in keeping the shoujo style.

Again, not everyone is into the high school theme. This game has the additional challenges of the art style (which I like for the most part although some of the CG are iffy and sometimes the necks get out of control).

Favorite Guy: Sota & Mitsuru

Favorite Route: Yuya

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