Finally, In Love Again


Company: Voltage (2014)

Cost: Paid

Updates: Yes

Synopsis: The MC is a pastry chef who has recently been fired. Worried about her career-minded daughter who has been dateless for ten years, the MC’s mother gets her to attend a single’s even on the MC’s thirty-fourth birthday. Before attending the even the MC runs into her ex-boyfriend who invites her out to eat. Later, at the singles event, the MC meets five younger guys who are all interested in her and is suddenly asked to choose between them.

MC: This MC is a thirty-four year-old woman who has spent the last ten years of her life focusing on being a patisserie, and she is good at it if a little unpolished. Sometimes she feels lonely but doesn’t seem to recognize it, and she doesn’t regret focusing on her job. She is startled to find herself surrounded by young people all the time and is at times dazzled by them since they all happen to be good looking and capable. Since she is usually the oldest one around and is also an eldest child she tries to be responsible and always tries to act the adult. While her apartment is always a wreck, she is very neat and orderly at work. Even though she is always talking about her age (and man does she harp on about it sometimes) she doesn’t enjoy it when other people (Momoi) do it. Aki accurately describes her as a clumsy yet honest person


  • Aki Fujishima: (26) Aki is the owner of Larme, a newly open bakery. He is a mysterious guy who is always smiling, which has earned him the nickname Sir Smiles. He is a responsible guy and a good boss.
  • Kanata Tachibana: (35) Kanata is a quirky erotic novelist and a frequent patron of Larme. He is observant and frequently makes perverted comments to get a reaction. He is introduced in the second season.
  • Kazuki Serizawa: (38) The MC’s ex-boyfriend from ten years ago who is now a CEO. He is sophisticated and a smooth talker.
  • Shuichiro Momoi: (25) Momo is the head pastry chef of Larme and Aki’s friend. He’s known as the Prince of Pastry much to his dismay. Momo is talented but also a hard workers. He’s usually grumpy and has something harsh to say. Privately he doesn’t acknowledge the MC’s abilities.
  • Sosuke Kikuchi: (26) Sosuke is the quite and strong Sayama Express delivery man. He knows the MC from somewhere but she can’t put her finger on it. He has been quietly trying to get her attention for a while. His ambition is to be a professional wind surfer.
  • Yoh Kobayakawa: (22) Yoh is basically a puppy. He’s a little clingy and needy and he’s trying to escape from the responsibilities of his life, not that you would ever know from the innocent smile he has plastered on his face. He ends up working at the flower shop next to Larme.
  • Yuto Tsuruya: (21) Yuto is a college student, a part-time model, and also helps out at the well known Japanese confectionery shop that his family runs. And somehow between all those he manages to flirt with and charm girls. He’s sweet, articulate, and dutiful. His nickname is the “Hikaru Genji of Japanese Sweets”.

Impressions: This game plays off the “younger guy” type for the most part. Which was a really interesting thing when I first heard about this game before it was brought over. As it is, I have a love-meh relationship with this game. Some of these guys are awesome. Yuto is probably one of my favorite Voltage guys. But when I first play this game when Aki’s route came out, I really didn’t like the MC (to know why go on over to the review of Aki’s route). I didn’t try the game again until after Kazuki’s route came out. She’s still not my favorite, but I don’t hate this MC anymore. I actually do like her passion and dedication, but that only ranks her up to “meh” status.

Additionally some of the age difference can get a bit squicky for me if I think about it too much (like how the MC would have almost have been a teenager before Yuto was even born). It’s something you knew going in so you need to accept it, ignore it, or not play this game.

On one last note, the art style is very Kissed by the Baddest Bidder, which is cool and different.

Favorite Guy: Yuto Tsuruya

Favorite Route: Yuto Tsuruya

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