Enchanted in the Moonlight


Company: Voltage (2014)

Cost: Paid

Updates: Yes

Synopsis: The MC is taking care of her family’s shrine while her parents are away. One day several strange accidents start happening around her, fortunately she is saved each time by different attractive strangers. That night, under a blood red-moon, the shrine is attacked and the five strangers arrive on scene again. They are clan heads of different ayakashi clans. The MC has just awoken her legendary ability to amplify an ayakashi’s power through blood, a kiss, and/or physical intimacy. The clan heads offer to protect the MC, only she must choose one of them to bear a child for.

MC: This MC is forced to pair up with someone from the beginning, and really the clan heads have her pinned down so she can’t do very much resisting. They pretty much force their way into her house. In most of the routes she is molested or nearly raped by her partner, almost always in the first chapter. She doesn’t really have a choice but to accept her situation, but she does her best to fight back. Usually she stubbornly insists that she isn’t going to “be” with an ayakashi. She works as a librarian and likes her job, but there isn’t as much emphasis on her work as there is in other Voltage games.


  • Chikage: From the Tengu Clan. A cool and commanding guy, with an unexpected cute side. He was an orphan and grew up as a member of a band of thieves but his power was recognized and he was brought into his clan. He seems uncaring, but has taken in a young tengu and is training him.
  • Kiryu: From the Ryu Clan. He is a popular author and is very near a hermit. He doesn’t trust the intentions of others and has as little involvement with the Mononoke world as he can
  • Kyoga: From the Okami Clan. He is mature, flaky, and romantic (when he’s not making innuendos). He’s open with his feelings but also shy about them. Can be silly but is also very responsible beneath it all.
  • Miyabi: From the Kitsune Clan. A selfish and seductive. (He’s probably the most openly sexual guy in all of Voltage-dom.) He is also very talkative, although he doesn’t really think about what he says very much. He is half human and half ayakashi and was looked down upon because of it. Because of this he doesn’t think relationships between humans and ayakashi can work out.
  • Samon: A Zashiki-Warashi, a household spirit, and the caretaker/priest of the MC’s family’s shrine. A gentle guy who has always been watching out for the MC like an elder brother. He is not a clan head but was assigned to watch over the MC until her powers awoken, and so he has known her for the longest out of the guys. He ends up being the house mother of sorts and cooks for the MC and all the guys. He feels slightly inferior to the other guys because he doesn’t really have any offensive powers. But his friends respect him and are afraid to upset him.
  • Shinra: From the Oni Clan. The youngest guy. He is outspoken, brash, a little childish, and quick to anger, but he is also very compassionate. Shinra carries around immense guilt since he accidentally caused his brother to loose his powers and be banished to the human world when he was a child. Also as a child, he met the younger MC. He has a strong desire to protect those who depend on him.
  • Yukinojo: From the Yukibito Clan. A man who is gentle and usually smiling but is actually pretty cold. His friends, the other clan heads, fear to anger him. He knows the most about the human world. He is weak to the heat, but loves flowers.

Impressions: This is probably one of Voltage’s more mature games since one of the main plot elements is that the guys want the MC to bear one of their children. As I said earlier there are several moments that edge towards rape, although the guys back down in the end it can be triggering and can definitely turn people off from some of the guys (Yukinojo, I’m talking about Yukinojo).

In additional to the basic premise all the routes also include a triangle relationship struggle (almost all of them being a love triangle). I found this to be interesting and although I generally hate love triangle routes, I didn’t mind them so much in this game.

Since Voltage rarely does a fantasy game, there were high expectations for this one and I think it met them. This game actually really reminds me of the shoujo manga Black Bird, in fact if you squish Shira and Miyabi’s routes together (and their personalities) and then put a Chikage skin over it, you pretty much get Black Bird. Considering how that manga ended I’m curious to see how Enchanted in the Moonlight moves forward.

Favorite Guy: Samon and Kiryu

Favorite Route: Samon and Shinra

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