Contract Marriage


Company: Arithmetic (2013)

Cost: Free

Update: This app says there will be more guys added, but I think it unlikely.

Synopsis: One day the MC’s peaceful life is ruined when she learns that her father’s company has gone bankrupt and he has piled up 50 million dollars in debt. Being a dutiful daughter, she decides that she will help pay off the debt, even if she has to take on a second job. It is then that she is approached with a crazy offer, in return for paying off the debt she must marry a famous stranger.

MC: Keep in mind that it has been a couple months since I actually played this.

This MC tries, she tries to be a good daughter, she tries to pay off the debt herself, she tries to be a good wife, and she tries to make the best out of her circumstances. She succeeds but I didn’t really have a lasting impression of her other than someone trying hard and getting pushed around a lot.


  • Shinobu Arima: An infamous nightclub owner who proposes when the MC is interviewing to work at his club. He’s the illegitimate son of a politician who wishes for him to inherit against Arima’s will. He has a cold and practical personality.
  • Soji Shirogane: The famously young president of an IT company. He needs a wife in order to succeed his father. A man used to being the boss and having his orders followed.
  • Toma Saji: A famous idol who just lost the woman he loved to a political marriage. He raised and lives his younger brother and has a near disgust for the MC at first.

Impressions: The guys in this game are so forceful that they completely overshadow the MC. As I said before it has been a while since I played this game, but I still remember how surprised I was since the guys who I thought would be harsher turned out to be nicer than the guy who I thought would be the nice one (Toma).

This is one of the games where you get a limited amount of tickets a day so if you can stand the thought of the MC being coerced into marriage, then it may be worth a try since the daily play time is very short.

Favorite Guy: Shinobu Arima

Favorite Route: Shinobu Armia

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