Class Trip Crush

class trip

Company: Voltage (2013)

Cost: Paid

Updates: Yes, this is maybe the furthest along of all the Voltage game as the MC has given birth in these games

Synopsis: The MC attends an all-girls high school. As the yearly class trip approaches, it is suddenly announced that this year’s trip will be co-ed, the boys coming from a nearby all-boys school. Now the (naive and oblivious) MC will be touring the country with her two best girlfriends and five attractive guys.

MC: This MC is not one of the smartest crayon in the box. She has also lived a fairly sheltered life so she is pretty clueless about boys. The cluelessness feels reasonable in this case since she always went to all-girls school.

But this MC is one of the most genuine and kind. She speaks what is on her mind, frequently without thinking of the consequences, and she doesn’t flatter people unless she believes in her complements. This MC probably wins the award for the most memorable, generic MC.


  • Homare Midorikawa: The sharp tongued, top student of the boys’ school who intends to be a doctor. He sees the class trip as a waste of his time and spends most of his time reading. He has little patience for the MC’s lack of knowledge is frequently has an insult for her.
  • Kanji Okumiya: The hyper-active guy. He’s a little flirty and is always in the middle of the action.
  • Nagisa Ichinose: A child star. He wanted a normal trip but ended up with a film crew and his manager following him around. He is very sensitive to the feelings and opinions of others. He loves animals and is a talented actor.
  • Taketo Kanezaki: The star soccer player of his school. He’s popular and well aware of it. He’s also flirty (he’s the “sexy” one) and mischievous. Yasuto is his twin.
  • Yasuto Kanezaki: The ace of the baseball team. He’s as popular as his twin Taketo, but is also very carefree and dense. He’s a little childish and frequently regarded as an oddball.

Impressions: I always find high school romances to be very sweet and Class Trip Crush is no exception. The romance feels a bit rushed but that is understandable since things need to be resolved before the end of the class trip. There are pretty big (comparatively) time jumps between seasons so we’re able to get the big picture view of the MC’s life with her guy.

Like most of the earlier Voltage games, this one has a good range of personality types for the love interests, again the older/oyaji guy is missing, but that is because the route for Nagisa’s manager, Rintaro Ashiya, wasn’t brought over. I feel like the guys in this one (or at least Homare and Nagisa since I only played those two) are very memorable, so if you like high school romance, this is a good game to check out.

Favorite Guy: Nagisa Ichinose

Favorite Route: Homare Midorikawa

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