Be My Princess


Company: Voltage (2012)

Cost: Paid

Updates: Yakov was recently added but it seems he might be the last update.

Synopsis: The MC is an exchange student in the Charles Kingdom. One fateful day she meets a handsome man while taking shelter from the rain under the awning of a flower shop. After saving him from being splashed with mud, he invites her to a party where she meets several other handsome, vaguely familiar men. To her surprise all of them, including the man who invited her, turn out to be princes.

MC: This game is interesting as there are technically two MCs. The first one is the one in the synopsis, she is an exchange student who encounters all the princes and attends the ball. This is the MC is all but one of the routes, and that one route is the only one I have played so I don’t know too much about this MC. It is pretty amazing that she was unable to recognize any of the princes although she thought they were familiar, although it is heavily implied that their identities didn’t click because she just didn’t expect to encounter princes.

Yakov’s story has a different MC. This is evident from a conversation that this MC has where she mentions that one of the other, originally released princes has a fiance who is a commoner (the first MC). This second MC may also be a student but she is on her way home to Oriens (the 1st MC doesn’t have an official home country as far I know). She probably would have been able to recognize the other princes if she had encountered them since she seems more familiar with them through the media. She is a brave person and is quick to act even in high pressure situations. She has a strong desire to contribute and help out. She is a good cook and is able to recognize various herbs on sight, although she claims she can’t make anything too fancy.


  • Edward Levaincois: Prince of the Charles Kingdom. The first prince that the MC meets. He is kind and gentle and likes flowers.
  • Glenn J. Casiragh: Prince of the Oriens Kingdom. The youngest of the princes. A tsundere with a bit of a short temper. The other princes consider his attitude to be cute, but he hates being treated like a child.
  • Joshua Lieben: Prince of the Dres Van Kingdom. He has a strict and sometimes awkward personality. He has spent a lot of time alone and is probably the most studious of the princes.
  • Keith Alford: Prince of Liberty Kingdom. He is proud, especially of his kingdom, and frequently rude, although unintentionally so.
  • Roberto Button: Prince of the Altaria Kingdom. He’s the flirt of the group. He’s the most energetic and least restricted of the princes.
  • William A. Spencer: Prince of the Philip Kingdom. The cool and calm prince. He comes from a long line of royalty and tradition.
  • Yakov Chernenkov: Prince of the Sanct Sybil. He is determined to unify his country and bring up the quality of life of the citizens. He has lived a hard life but is always moving forward towards his goal single-mindedly. To outsiders he can seem cold and controlled but he has a pretty pronounced childish side and frequently does what he wants.
  • Zain: Butler of the Nobel Michael castle. He is calm, elegant, and mysterious.

Impressions: This is probably the most fully realized game of wish fulfillment for girls since it is basically a Cinderella story. I get the feeling that princes must have figured into the first otoge ever realized. There is a good range of personality types from the guys although I tend to lump Glen and Keith together as the mean ones…

Be My Princess has one of the most distinctive art styles which is neat and which was thankfully carried over to its sequel series.

The Princess games have some die-hard fans so I just don’t know… Maybe real princes don’t do anything for me since I’m just not fully into this game although Yakov is definitely one of my favorites.

Favorite Guy: Yakov Chernenkov

Favorite Route: Yakov Chernenkov

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