Be My Princess 2


Company: Voltage (2014)

Cost: Paid

Updates: Yes

Synopsis: The MC is an apprentice patisserie in Noble Michael. On the day of a big international part at the castle, her bakery is called to lend ingredients to the castle pastry chefs. The MC delivers the supplies and stays to help out. While bringing pastries out to the floor she is surprised to learn that the handsome men she encountered throughout the day were actually all princes (although she knew some of them were already). Just as she attempts to leave she accidentally catches a bouquet and is asked to dance. It was like a fairy tale night, except the next morning the there is a butler at her door telling her to prepare for her marriage interview.

This is a sequel to the first Be My Princess and features the grandsons of the guys from that game.

MC: This is one of Voltage’s awesomely passionately employed MCs. She has always dreamed of being a pastry chef and works hard at it. She’s pretty level headed and grounded and is therefore able to hold her ground against the princes. That’s not to say they don’t bowl her over at times, because they do, but this MC never let’s them always have their way.


  • Aslan Mafdir: Prince of Shaharazal. The youngest prince. He doesn’t want to be a prince and doesn’t get along with his elder brother, the Crown Prince.
  • Hayden A. Spencer: Prince of Philip. He has a cool and calm image but is also very personable.
  • Ivan Chernenkov: Prince of Sanct Sibyl. A cold, soldier prince. Since there is rebellion in his kingdom he is acting as head of state for his father. He is most concerned with tradition and strength.
  • Kevin A. Alford: Prince of Liberty. He was a long lost prince who grew up as a commoner and only recently found out he was a prince. Somehow he has the same everything goes attitude as his grandfather; he’s confident to the point of arrogance, and frequently rude.
  • Kuon J, Casiraghi: Prince of Oriens. A stubborn, bad-tempered, and sometimes gloomy prince.
  • Maximilion Levaincois: Prince of Charles, his sister is the Queen. The oldest of the princes. He can be a little strange and random, but he is also romantic and charming. He’s a lover of beauty and the arts like his grandfather.
  • Oliver Button: Prince of Altaria. He’s cheerful, lively and flirtatious. He is also constantly attempting to escape from his butler.
  • Sieg Liben: Prince of Dres Van. He is brash and frequently insulting. He does have a sweet side and can unexpectedly cook as well. More often than not it feels that he is the one who takes care of his butler.

Impressions: Be My Princess 2 is sort of a combination of the first Be My Princess and many of Voltage’s other games featuring a working girl (such as Serendipity Next Door, In Your Arms Tonight, Our Two Bedroom Story, and especially Finally, In Love Again). It is nice to have a sequel just so you can see how the grandson of the MC and the princes of the first game turn out. It’s also nice that the art style is the same since the art for the first game was so distinctive.

There are a lot of guys in this game so it feels like there should be someone for everyone. Like with the first one, I wasn’t personally into this game but even so I played through a couple routes.

Favorite Guy: Ivan Chernenkov

Favorite Route: Ivan Chernenkov

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