Arabian Nights – Love Story

love story

Company: OKKO (2014)

Cost: Free

Update: Supposedly there Kais is supposed to get a route, but it hasn’t happened yet and I am skeptical.

Synopsis: The MC is a nurse in the present. After lighting incense in a lamp given to her by one of her patients, she wakes up in an Arabian country in the past. The genie of the lamp tells the MC that she will only be able to return to her world after fulfilling the real wish of the man who summoned her.

MC: The MC being a nurse is a great touch. It gives her a passion and a talent that she is able to use even in the unfamiliar land she ends up in. Her medical knowledge give her something special that only she knows and is able to do. Although she is in need of a lot of rescuing, the nurse thing keep her from being a completely hopeless case.


  • Ali Baba: The leader of a gang of thieves. He’s quiet so it is hard to understand him sometimes, but he is also very gentle and caring.
  • Assad: The prince of the country. He has a big ego and blow both hot and cold.
  • Sinbad: A merchant from a foreign country. He never does anything for free and is ever the pragmatist.
  • Kais: A beautiful young court musician who is caring for his ill mother. He has a pet parrot who frequently speaks for him. This route is not available in the English versions.

Impressions: Although Arabian Nights – Desert Heat Love is is slightly prettier to look at, this game has a much more palatable plot. Additionally they love interests aren’t all edging towards abusive. The time travel aspect is interesting, but the story can be confusing at times.

Since you only get a couple tickets a day there is only a few minutes play per day, and that can be painful. There were times when I was hurting to know what happened next, although never enough to pay to keep going.

Assad’s character sprite is scary sometimes, and man do I wish that Kais’s route was released. Other than that I have no real complaints.

Favorite Guy: Ali Baba

Favorite Route: Sinbad

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