Arabian Nights – Desert Heat Love

desert heat love

Company: Arithmetic (2014)

Cost: Free

Updates: No

Synopsis: The MC is living abroad in an Arabian country. She goes to the palace to make a jewelry delivery and is discovered to be the Maiden of the Jewel who is supposed to bring prosperity to the kingdom. As such she must choose one of the three princes to inherit the throne and marry him. Until she does so she is trapped within the palace, and if she refuses to choose she will be beheaded.

MC: The MC in this one is pretty trapped and powerless. She tries fighting back at times but it doesn’t really work out for her. She ends up making the best of her situation but you can definitely make a case for Stockholm Syndrome in this game since there is a lot of force and pressure and little time for the romance to develop.

The MC has a passion for making jewelry but doesn’t really get to indulge in it and it ends up feeling more like a device to move the plot along.


  • Kamil: The second prince. He’s the most militarist of the princess. He’s demanding and wants everything his way.
  • Mubarak: The eldest prince. He’s the most openly sadistic and sexy one. He grew up expecting to be the next king and he is very busy with affairs of the state. He’s not only interested in the MC because she is the Maiden of the Jewel, but also because he in enamored with Japanese things.
  • Radwan: The youngest prince. He pretends to be an angel, but is always putting on a front. He’s also very pushy about getting his way. His mother was the former Maiden of the Jewel. Has always been curious about life out of the palace and out of the country.

Impressions: Like I hinted at earlier this is not a game for someone who wants a strong, independent woman type of MC. Added to that, the other female characters in this game are really bitchy and are frequently plain horrible to the MC. The guys are different but they are all of the mostly “mean” personality types.

Actually thematically this game is very problematic almost all the way around. It feels like the game’s selling point is the exoticism of the Middle Eastern setting (which is funnily enough turned on its head in game by the eldest prince who find the Japan enticingly exotic). But if you just want something to play for a couple of minutes of day (which is pretty much all you get because of the ticket system) this is something to check out.

Favorite Guy: Radwan

Favorite Route: Mubrak

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