A Knight’s Devotion

knight's devotion

Company: Voltage (2013)

Cost: Paid

Updates: This app does not receive any more content updates.

Synopsis: One day the MC, an ordinary village girl, is attacked by men in black. She is saved by five knights and discovers that she is the daughter and sole child of the King. The knights have come to escort the MC to the capitol and the MC must choose one of the knights to be her primary protector.

MC: Even thought the MC never knew she was a princess she generally settles into the role pretty quickly. The issue gets to come out every now and then though. At times she is even able to exert authority over the knights which is nice. She is pretty powerless physically though so don’t expect her to be kicking butt on her own.


  • Gaia: The leader of the royal knights. He’s very serious but sometimes he shows his clumsy side.
  • Haku: The lady’s man, he’ll flirt with anyone. He always seems happy but he has a darker side.
  • Ken: The MC’s friend. He was assigned to watch over her five years ago and has been working as the town blacksmith.
  • Lute: He’s kind and loyal. He hides his emotions but always tries to be considerate.
  • Shion: The quiet, lazy, intelligent one. Instead of helping out the others he prefers reading.

Impressions: This is one of the older Voltage apps and is the only one (released in English) takes place in the distant past. It feels very much like a medieval My Sweet Bodyguard, or maybe MSB feels like a modern version of this game. The guys feel very straightforward in their typing. Most of the usual personality type feel represented although there is no “younger guy” or “tsundere”.

If you don’t want the MC to be shielded or if you want to see an MC stand beside her man and fight, this is probably not the game for you. If you don’t mind being protected and like guys with traumatic pasts check out this game.

Favorite Guy: Gaia

Favorite Route: Gaia

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