10 Days with My Devil

10 days

Company: Voltage (2013)

Cost: Paid

Updates: There has been some recent content added, the wedding routes and some sub stories, but content updates for this app seem to be infrequent now.

Synopsis: After a string of good luck and encounters with several ikemen, the MC finds out that she was scheduled to die. Fortunately for her and unfortunately for the Devils trying to toast her, she narrowly avoids death thanks to the Devils’ dog. The Devils want to toast her regardless to cover up their mistake but the MC pleads for more time because there is just one more thing she wants to do before she dies. A combination of her pleas and threats manages to win her ten more days of life. The catch is that she has to live in the house with the Devils so they can keep an eye on her. More importantly, she must choose one Devil who will be supervising her directly. But there is one rule to be keep in mind, a devil must not fall in love with a human.

MC: The MC of this series is refreshingly resolute. She wants those ten extra days to live and she doesn’t mind threatening the devils to get them. The reason for the extension is different every route and ranges from wanting to see her sister give birth to wanting to finish a project at work. She is also level head enough not to freak out (which I’m sure most people would) about the supernatural elements around her.


  • Haruhito Amano: A sweet childish guy. He’s loves children and is a bit of a ditz. He partner’s with the dog Cerberus to ferry the souls of the deceased.
  • Kakeru Kamui: The leader of the group and a commanding, capable guy. He is the MC’s superior at work for his human job. He’s Meguru’s older half brother and cares for him, although that relationship is also a little complicated.
  • Meguru Kamui: The younger guy. He’s the newbie on the team so he usually gets a lot of the grunt work like cooking. He’s Kakeru’s younger half brother.  He possesses a extremely dangerous power.
  • Rein Isaka: An angel with a weird accent and a powerful nose that can smell a person who is supposed to be toast.
  • Satoru Kamagari: Kakeru’s right-hand man and the super-sadist of this game. His human job is as a chef in a high class restaurant. He was against giving the MC additional time to live. His ability is seeing into the future.
  • Shiki Kurobane: The super introvert. He’s doesn’t like people and his distrust makes him a little naive. He loves sleeping and collecting blind box figures and is more than capable with a computer. He has extremely strong mind control powers and is the one in charge of researching the team’s target and then erasing their memories.
  • Tsubasa Shirai: A younger angel who works in the human world as a model. He puts on a kind and cheerful face for the public but that’s not the real him.

Impressions: 10DWMD is Voltage’s first supernatural/fantasy game (at least of those brought over to America). Some might feel that the MC spent a lot more time than necessary going to work as usual for someone about to die, but I thought that it was an accurate representation of the bewilderment the MC felt because of her suddenly shortened life span. The balance of the mundane world and the fantasy elements is also very Voltage since their stories are usually set in the real world.

There is a good mix of guys in this game with someone for nearly everyone. The older/oyaji type guy is missing, although you could make the case that all the guys are way older than the MC.

One last note: the little devil mascot for this series is super adorable.

Favorite Guy: Shiki Kurobane

Favorite Route: Shiki Kurobane

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