True Love Sweet Lies


Company: Voltage

Cost: Paid

Synopsis: The MC is a freelance photographer. The day after taking a photo that could make her career, she runs into several hot guys and life is looking up. But their interest in her was all a lie. They are detectives from the Fuse Detective Agency and what they really want is her photo. And when some scary guys abduct her, the MC finds out that they aren’t the only ones. Luckily, the Fuse Detectives aren’t going to let the lead for their case go so easily.

MC: This MC is spunky and determined to make it as a freelance photographer. Sure it’s a little scary that so many people are after her photo but she thinks she can also work with this. Sometimes she puts on a facade to get along with someone, but she can’t hold it for long. She isn’t terribly girl but objects to her femininity being ranked beneath a transgender goat. She starts talking back to the guys pretty quickly which is great.


  • Kiyoharu Nanahoshi: An arrogant and stuck-up mechanic. He’s a great liar and it’s hard to tell at times if he’s being truthful. He’s Sakuya’s older brother by two whole minutes and cares for him deeply despite all their disagreements.
  • Naomasa Sakura: A distant lawyer. He is fairly straightforward but difficult to get close to, but he can also be a little dense. His father is the leader of a yakuza gang and they are estranged.
  • Nozumu Fuse: The chief of the detective agency and former Interpol officer. He almost never goes out to investigate himself. He’s usually cheerful and also irresponsible. Sometimes he acts like he’s an old man. Even though he’s very capable he rarely shows it.
  • Rui Wakaba: A famous actor. He has been a famous idol since he was a child. He always puts on a cheerful face but is actually quiet lonely. He is not as good as the other detectives but he tries.
  • Sakuya Nanahoshi: A quiet hacker who bartends as a front. He dislikes women and can be awkward and shy. He is Kiyoharu’s twin and the two have a difficult relationship.

Impressions: This game sort of slipped under my radar initially, probably because a bunch of other games were coming out around the same time (Scandal in the Spotlight and Star-Crossed Myth) and also because I wasn’t interested in the game’s poster boy, Kiyoharu, who was all over all the stuff for this game. The game is fun, I really enjoyed some of the guys (Naomasa, I’m talking about Naomasa), but with as many otoge as there are, I’d rather play something else.

True Love Sweet Lies also has the mechanic where you have to play the whole game over if you want both good endings, unless you purchase the ending set. The ending set for the main story comes with an ad-free ending movie and also a special ending story. The stories are cute and I like the end videos (though not as much as the ones from Scandal in the Spotlight). The sequel end set includes a lame “movie” which is just animation for one of the CG and another cute little story. The ends sets are really a must buy, but again I recommend the main story set over the sequel set.

Favorite Guy: Naomasa Sakura

Favorite Route: Naomasa Sakura

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The Seal of Lycrois


Game is no longer available

Company: Koyonplete

Cost: Free

Synopsis: On the way home on the subway one day, the MC is caught in the middle of a battle between a vampire and a kitsune. Both supernatural beings claim her, and when her childhood friend tries to protect her he is bitten. They manage to escape, but the crimson moon rises. Soon she will learn all about her previous life, her power, her destiny, and her ties to the men who attacked her.

MC: She is frightened by what is going on around her and most wants to protect Tomoyuki who was bitten trying to protect her. She has been having strange dreams ans is a little frightened to find out what they mean. She was very powerful in her former life.


  • Cain: A cold and distant vampire who’s greatest desire is to die.
  • Tomoyuki Abe: A human man who the MC has known since she was a child. He is calm and scholarly and wants only to protect the MC.
  • Yuie: A bright and outgoing kitsune who never reveals his true emotions.

Impressions: The prologue of this game is so awesome, it gave me chills. It really is too bad that the rest of the story isn’t voice acted. Other problems this game has is the energy method which is annoying since you get a random amount of energy each day. As with Love Academy I suggest stockpiling energy for a month or so before actually playing (unless you want to purchase the route). Again like Love Academy, all the routes are a separate app, Probably the most upsetting thing is that if you do end up buying the route, the CG are a separate purchase.

Despite all that, I like this this game. It has some beautiful story telling. I will tell you that if you are interested in multiple guys, play Tomoyuki last because playing his route killed my desire to play through Cain and Yuie’s routes. If you’d like a supernatural romances, give this one a try.

Favorite Guy: Tomoyuki Abe

Favorite Route: Tomoyuki Abe

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Starstruck Love


Company: Arithmetic

Cost: Free

Synopsis: When the MC looses her parents in an accident, she is taken in my the father of her childhood friend. Determined to pay her parents’ debt herself, the MC decides that she will become an idol for her new father’s company. What she doesn’t expect is for her new brother, who are fellow idols, and another popular idol to become involve themselves so thoroughly in in her life. And although the world of the stars may seem glitzy, there is something dark just beneath the surface.

MC: Even though her parents passed away in an accident she doesn’t dwell on it. Instead she focuses on trying to pay off the debt they left behind and the costs of their funerals. Even though she and her childhood friend, Toma, had long since drifted apart she doesn’t put up much fuss when his father takes her in and picks up her parent’s bills. She is determined to succeed as an idol but isn’t doing too hot. She tries to see the Jonouchi boys as her brothers but it doesn’t really work since they’re supposed to act as though they don’t know each other in public. She has an effect on guys, but is dangerously oblivious to it.


  • Ryo Jonouchi: The middle brother. He is a flirt, has a big ego, and is the one who most aggressively hits on the MC. He also encourages her to quit.
  • Ryusei Akesato: A kind, popular idol who is always willing to use his experience to help the MC out.
  • Shion Jonouchi: The eldest brother. He is dependable and kind. He dotes on the MC.
  • Toma Jonouchi: The youngest brother and the MC’s childhood friend. He is quiet and cold towards the MC. He is against taking the MC in and also allowing her to become an idol.

Impressions: This is a yandere game. If you’re not into that click away now, there is no hope for you here.

The set up for this game is a little weird. Why would the Toma’s father, who not only owns a famous talent agency but also lives with his three famous idol sons, adopt the MC and take on her parent’s death, especially since she and Toma have grown apart? It is implied that, just like the sons, the father is a little off.

If you can stretch your imagination for the set up, the story is pretty interesting. There are two routes: Shion and Toma’s route and Ryo and Ryusei’s route. I’m going to use Ryo and Ryusei’s route as an example for how the affection scale works. Whenever there is a decision in-route, there are three options. For some questions your answer will raise Ryo’s affection by different amounts.  Other question it will increase either Ryo or Ryusei’s affection. There is also a chic level which is related to the boy’s yandere-ness. The linked routes are interesting and they work in a yandere game since the competition for the MC provides a trigger.

Each guy has a couple of different endings and they are just as satisfying as you would expect for this kind of game. This game has the two most important endings for a yandere game. There is an ending where the love interest gives in to his darker impulses and there is the ending when he overcomes himself.

If you’re like me and you just want your gosh-darn yandere fix, here you go 🙂

Favorite Guy: Ryusei Akesato

Favorite Route: Ryusei/Ryo

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Star-Crossed Myth


Company: Voltage

Cost: Paid

Synopsis: What happens when you wish on a star? One night, a falling star lands on the MC’s balcony, transforming into six attractive men. The next morning the men are no where in sight and the MC is convinced it was a dream. But at an event on the roof of the palentarium, the men return for her. They are gods from the stars and have been branded with the mark of sin and banished to Earth for various reasons. The MC is the reincarnation of a goddess and is the only one who can remove the mark so they can return to the heavens.

MC: She really, really loves the stars and has “stars in her eyes” according to the gods. She is very enthusiastic about sharing her passion for the stars. She would like to help the gods absolve their sins, but doesn’t want the to interfere with her normal life. She is easily intimidated by the gods and frequently gets strung along by them. She is straightforward in her emotions and is quick to respond to the plight of others.


  • Dui: Ruler of the constellation Gemini and member of the Department of Punishments. Scorpio really depends on him.He is usually kind and compassionate, punishing humans in a manner that gives them hope to reform. He has a split personality, and the other half of him is cruel. He can forgive everyone except himself. He is telepathic
  • Huedhaut: Ruler of the constellation Aquarius and member of the Department of Wishes. He is calm and intellectual, but also has a snarky side (though he doesn’t mean bad by it). He is slow to anger but is fearsome when he is. He has a low opinion of love and fate. He recognizes who the MC was. He has prophetic powers.
  • Ichthys: Ruler of the constellation Pisces and member of the Department of Punishments. He is the “problem child” of his department. He is very mischievous (he’s Dui’s pranking partner) and fun-loving. Unlike the other gods, he is not immortal. He has healing powers.
  • Leon: Minister of the Department of Wishes and ruler of the constellation Leo.He is very power and is arrogant about it. He is very sarcastic and frequently blows off work. He has a low opinion of humans, viewing them as goldfish. He has the ability to invoke physical pleasure.
  • Scorpio: The Vie-Minister of the Department of Punishments and ruler of the constellation Scorpio. He is sadistic and cruel, but ends up being sort of tsundere. He hates humans and Earth. He used to be human and knew nothing but ugliness in his lifetime. He can read the negative thoughts of people when he touches them.
  • Teorus: Ruler of the constellation Taurus and member of the Department of Wishes. He is the flirtatious god and usually at the center of attention. He finds Earth interesting and is almost childlike in his curiosity. He has a bad sense of direction. His power is to freeze time.

Impressions: When the trailer for this game came out, it reminded me of 10 Days with My Devil. Now that it is out, it still reminds me 10DwMD, but to a lesser extent than I expected. Instead of death, Star-Crossed Myth centers on the theme of redemption.

It’s a good game. The mix of characters is nice, especially since not all of the Department of Wishes guys are nice and not all of the Department of Punishment guys are mean. There are two cute mascot-like characters which I feel is a thing since Koten was super popular in Enchanted in the Moonlight. That all the gods have different sins is interesting as well, and I look forward to seeing how the sins play out in the routes. This game also seems likely to have the largest cast of love interests since there are twelve zodiac constellations to be governed; all of them have sprite and although it remains to be seen if all of them will have routes, I’m hopeful. The character designs are interesting and much more flashy than most Voltage guys (which I like).

Favorite Guy: Dui

Favorite Route: Dui

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Shall We Date: Wizardess Heart +

2015-07-26 22.13.28

Company: Solmare

Cost: Free

Synopsis: The MC is a magic user who one day receives an invitation to attend a premier wizarding school, Gedonelune Academy. After making her way with the guidance of her snarky acceptance letter, she learns that she has not actually been accepted and is only a provisional student and must still pass a test before really being accepted. She also learns about the buddy system, the rare cases when two students’ badges glow, tying their fortunes together. While learn magic and interacting with her buddy, the MC also uncovers a mystery regarding the Academy.

MC: She loves magic but hasn’t really thought about what it means to her. She is very talented in using magics when animals are involved, even having the rare ability to speak with animals, but when there are no animals her spells frequently go wrong. She is a little bit of an airhead, and is very naive and trusting, and often gets in trouble because of it. She always tries her hardest at everything she does.


  • Azusa Kuze: a princely exchange student from Hinomoto. Although he presents a kind and gentle face, there is something very dark lurking just beneath the surface.
  • Elias Goldstein: A smart but uptight boy in the MC’s class. Even though he is a good wizard he still stays after school to practice. He has a bit of a complex about his family. Even though he doesn’t like when people mention his family, he always tries to live up to their legacy. He has a fanclub (much to his disgust) and looks up to his brother.
  • Joel Crawford: A gifted spellsinger from a different class. He is a little mysterious, a lot blunt, and not very sociable although he is very popular. There is a rumor that he is waiting for his first love.
  • Klaus Goldstein: The strict school Prefect. He is known as the Emperor and scares the students more than most of the teachers. He is very talented and does his best to improve the magical abilities of the students. He loves his younger brother, Elias, but is maybe even more strict with him.
  • Leon: A mysterious boy who shows up on the school grounds. He has no memories of his past and doesn’t appear to have any emotions
  • Luca Orlem: A mischievous, clever guy from the MC’s class. He skips class more often than not and plays a lot of pranks, but Luca is also a talented wizard (Elias says that Luca is more talented than him). He laughs a lot but he seems to be hiding his real self.
  • Randy March: A mysterious and flighty boy. He is always inventing some weird spell or another, which is what he thinks of as fun. No one seems to know about him even though he is the sort of person who stands out.
  • Vincent Knight: A student who has come to study white magic and teaches classes on offensive magic in exchange. He is gentlemanly and friendly, but Luca says that he is suspicious
  • Yukiya Reizen: A quiet, distant boy. He is in the MC’s class and is usually alone except for his constant companion, a wolf. Most students avoid him because there is a rumor that he is cursed.

Impressions: A Harry Potter otoge. Okay, not really, but this game is definitely the result of a post-HP world. This game has a lot of good points: it’s different from the other otoge I’ve played, the art style is pretty, the CG are pretty, the route plots are entertaining. The guys aren’t really diverse personality-wise, but they are different enough.

I don’t like the MC. She has good qualities, but I don’t know why we have to watch her fail so spectacularly, so frequently. Sometimes she tries too hard to be liked by the guy. It’s nice that the ending are completely different but I always feel like the Happy Ending (the middle ending) is not worth it. And, of course, you cannot run the best scenarios and get all the CG without actually buying items in game.

All in all, for me, this game is just okay.

Favorite Guy: Klaus

Favorite Route: Randy and Azusa

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